Sales Representative (West Village)

Dallas, Texas, United States · Sales


How would you like to sell to the happiest customers on earth? For them to be your clients? People in love are the happiest people on earth, and they’re also our everyday customers!

Are you cheerful and easy to be around, but highly disciplined? Yes, we know that sounds like a contradiction, but those are the characteristics of our most successful representatives. You have to be cheerful because, well, that’s just who we are! We have fun at work and our customers have fun shopping with us. And you have to be disciplined because we have a very precise and exacting sales process - the result of 40 years of research and refinement. With that 40 years of being the expert, we’ll have you up to speed and selling like a pro in 5 short weeks.

The more a customer knows about diamonds, the more likely they are to buy from us, that’s where you come in! Your job will be to make sure our customers know a lot about diamonds. But you currently don’t know anything about diamonds? Don’t worry we’ll teach you everything you need to know to sell diamonds and every style engagement ring that has ever been designed, and those yet to be. Diamonds and diamond jewelry are our only business. We love diamonds! We know you will too! Question is, can you see yourself selling diamonds? Do you want to be part of people’s biggest moments in life?

We are cutting edge in what we do, and still building an exciting brand. Progress never stops and neither do we! So - you can work for a fun, innovative, exciting, growing, and stand out company with a unique approach to everything we do. But let’s face it, fun and excitement alone won’t pay your bills or build your dreams, but imagine if you could have both? Well, welcome to Spence Diamonds! We do sales differently and we definitely do diamonds differently. Our average sales person made $60,000 last year! Yes, you read that right. No typo there! Our average sales person, not our top sales person!


Founded in 1978, 40 years ago, Spence Diamonds has grown and evolved over the years with an unorthodox approach to becoming an industry leader in cut quality and the customer experience. We take shopping for an engagement ring to the next level - with open show cases, displaying top of the line designer prototypes, accompanied by an unparalleled diamond education. Since introducing Spence Artisan Created Diamonds, we are now blazing the way for reasonably priced, ethical and sustainable diamond choices! With unparalleled access to these diamonds, we truly are the best choice for our customers. A customer focused company with a great corporate culture and a fun exciting work environment. This equals success for YOU and US!




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