About Spence Diamonds

Founded in Canada in 1978, Spence is recognized as one of "Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies" and is among "Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures." Frankly, this is a great place to work. We make shopping for an engagement ring over-the-top customer-friendly by displaying more than 2,500 designer ring prototypes in wide-open showcases. Customers can pick up our rings and try them on and read the price tags without having to ask permission! No locked showcases. No barriers. You've never seen anything like it.

We are a team that is fanatical about the pride we take in one’s craft and contribution. This passion is what gives our business, the customer experience, and quality of our diamond jewelry dignity. It is the minutiae of dignity that matters – the guest experience, the beauty of top quality diamonds, and the pride of craftsmanship in each and every diamond ring – that have become the backbone of the company. Providing our guests with a quality experience for an exceptional value is the lifeblood fueling our purpose. It is a courageous theory summarized in what we call “living a life you love”: giving business a purpose that goes beyond profit, and reinvesting to improve the lives of the team members, guests and families the Spence organization connects with.

To learn more about us visit www.spencediamonds.com

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